The named Team Organiser for each team will be responsible for ensuring that their team fulfils all the fixtures at the correct times and for advising the players of their match times/dates.  If for any reason, a team cannot fulfil a fixture, the Founders Cup Co-ordinator should be informed at least 2 days in advance.  Failure to turn up for a match at the stated time will result in an automatic 5-0 defeat, deduction of 1 point and forfeit the match/registration fee. If a team fails to turn up for 2 games, all games will be deemed forfeit.          

All matches will take place at the Aurora Soccer Club 510 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora

2. Co-Ed SQUAD Over 18

Teams can name a squad of up to 10 players, all of whom can play during a match, with at least two being female.  Only 6 players may play at any one time, one of whom must be a goalkeeper, and one of whom must be female.  Teams can use an unlimited number of rolling substitutions. Players must enter and leave the field of play from beside their own side of the half way line.  Players may only play for one team in the Competition.     

All questions of eligibility of players or interpretation of the rules should be referred to the opposing team captain, or in the final instance, to the Cup Coordinator, whose decision shall be final.    


Each match will be 22.5 minutes each way with a 2 minute half time during which teams must change ends.  Teams will be allowed 4 minutes warm up before each match.  All matches must start at the stated time. Only teams that are fully paid up and properly registered will be permitted to play. Please ensure you allow time before your match to do this.


All players within a team must wear shirts of identical or similar colours.  Players must ensure that they wear appropriate footwear- moulded boots are allowed although studded boots and blades are not. Shin guards are required.

A match ball will be provided by ASC and the referee will collect and return the ball to the Cup Coordinator upon completion of their shift.


Each half of the game will start with a kick off from the centre spot.  The referee will perform a coin toss to decide ends and kick off.  After a goal is scored the game will be restarted by the opposing team from the centre spot.


When the ball goes over the sideline a kick in will be awarded from the same spot.  When any free kick is awarded, all players from the infringing team must be 10 yards away from where the ball is placed.  Note that slide tackles are not allowed. A free kick shall be awarded against any infringing player. When the ball goes out of play at the goal line a corner kick or goalkeepers kick will be awarded.


After collecting the ball the goalkeeper must immediately return the ball into play from the ground.  The ball must not be thrown.


All field players are allowed into the goalkeepers’ area at either end of the pitch.  Goalkeepers may also leave their area, but are not permitted to handle the ball outside their area.


All fixtures, results and other notices will be communicated via the website:

The main competition will comprise leagues of 8 teams. Each team will play 3 games within their own league.  The top two teams of each group will move on to the semi final, then the final in the following format.

SF1:  Group A1 Winner v Group B2 Winner

SF2:   Group B1 Winner v Group A2 Winner

Final:  Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

The scoring system will be as follows:  3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 point for a loss, 1 point loss for failure to turn up. 

In the event of 2 or more teams being equal on points after all matches have been played, the team with the highest goal difference will take precedence in the league table.  Should they still be tied, head to head will decide.  Should they still be tied, the decision will be made by coin toss.

Prizes will be awarded at the Aurora Soccer Club, on Sunday after the Final.


During the game, the referee’s decision on all matters is final.  Teams are responsible for playing in an acceptable manner and for interpreting and accepting the rules of play fairly. Indiscipline will result in suspensions and teams may be thrown out of the competition.

Yellow cards will result in a 2 minute sin bin for the offending player.

No Slide Tackling allowed.

Red card will result in the player being ejected from that game and the team playing short for the remainder of the game.

Further sanctions may result depending on the referee report post the game for Red Cards.


In the event of an emergency, contact the Cup Coordinator immediately.